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The Guoan Co., Ltd. takes social responsibility seriously, and participates actively in national and local cultural, educational, sports and charitable events. The company strives to play its part in building a harmonious socialist society.

On 1st September, 1993, Guoan Co., Ltd. donated RMB 500,000 to the 7th PRC Sports Meet.

On 7th April, 2000, Guoan Co., Ltd. donated RMB 5 million to the 21st University Sports Meet.

On 13th July, 2007, Guoan Co., Ltd. donated RMB 10 million for organizing the sixth CITIC Cup Tour of Qinghai International Highway Bicycle Race.

On 14th October, 2007, Guoan Co., Ltd. invested RMB 18 million in the city of Baiyin, Gansu for building the “CITIC Guoan Red Army Rehabilitation Base”.

2008 – Donating RMB 200,000 to the Yanglin Village of Zuoquan, Shanxi, in order to help the village build a concrete road that was named “Guoan Road” by the local villagers.

2008 – After the May 12 earthquake at Wenchuan, Sichuan, the Guoan Group used merely one and a half days to raise RMB 5 million. The company paid extra party fees in the amount of RMB 480,000 to the Communist Party for helping with rescue and reconstruction work in the region.

2009 – the Guoan Co., Ltd. donated RMB 300,000 to the Theatrical Arts Development Fund, RMB 30,000 to Hujialou Chaoyang Philanthropy Association, RMB 3 million to Gansu Longxi NanAn Middle School; also it donated RMB 5 million to the “CITIC Guoan Red Army Rehabilitation Base” to improve the facilities.

2010 – the Guoan Group donated RMB 3 million to the Qinghai Yushu region struck by earthquake.

The Guoan Co., Ltd. donated RMB 4.59 million to build the Hebei Province Xianghe Liusongzhen Beiwutuan Primary School and the Hebei Province Pingquan CITIC Hope Primary School.

Since its establishment, the company participated in the rescue of victims of the Sichuan earthquake, the southern sleet, the frontline medical professionals affected by SARS, and the victims of the Southeast Asia earthquake and tsunami. The company also proactively participated in such charitable events as “Saving Underprivileged Mothers”, “Greening the Rivers”, and the CITIC Green Industry charitable events, donating a total of more than RMB 47 million, and 10,000 items.