Shareholders Meeting

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Pursuant to the Articles of Association of the company, the company shall have shareholders’ meeting, which shall comprise of all shareholders. As the powerful authority of the company, it shall exercise the following duties and rights:

1)determining the company’s operational guidelines and investment plans;

2)electing and replacing the director and the supervisor assumed by non-representatives of the employees, and determine the remuneration of the director and the supervisor;

3)deliberating and approval the report of the board of directors;

4)deliberating and approval the report of the board of supervisors;

5)deliberating and approval the annual financial budget plans and final account plans of the company;

6)deliberating and approval the profit distribution plans and losses recovery plans of the company;

7)making resolutions on the increase or decrease of the company’s registered capital;

8)making resolutions on the issuance of corporate bonds;

9)adopting resolutions on the merge, splitting up, dissolution, liquidation or change of the company form;

10)revising the articles of association of the company;

11)making resolutions on providing guarantee to the shareholder of the company.