Board of supervisors

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Pursuant to the Articles of Association of the company, the company shall have board of supervisors which shall comprise of nine supervisors. The board of supervisors shall exercise the following duties and rights:

1) checking the financial affairs of the company;

2) supervising the duty-related actions of the directors and senior management and put forward proposal on the removal of any director or senior management who violates the law, administrative regulation, the articles of association or any resolution of the shareholders’ meeting;

3) demanding any director or senior management to correct misconduct if his act has injured the interest of the company;

4) proposing to hold the temporary shareholder’s meeting, calling on and presiding over the shareholders’ meeting when the board of directors doesn’t exercise its duty to hold the shareholders’ meeting;

5) bring forward proposals at the shareholders’ meeting;

6) initiating actions against the directors or senior management according to Article 152 of the Corporate Law.

The supervisors may attend the meetings held by the board of directors.