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Pursuant to the Articles of Association of the company, the company shall have the general manager who will be hired or dismissed upon the decision of the board of directors. The general manager will be responsible for the board of directors and shall exercise the following duties and rights:

1) taking charge of the management of the production and business operation of the company and organizing to implement the resolutions of the board of directors;

2) organizing the execution of the annual operational plans and investment plans of the company;

3) drafting plans on the establishment of the internal management departments of the company;

4) drafting the company’s basic management system;

5) formulating the specific bylaws of the company;

6) proposing to hire or dismiss the vice general manager and person(s) in charge of finance;

7) deciding on hiring or dismissing of the persons-in-charge other than those who shall be decided by the board of directors;

8) other authorities conferred by the board of directors.

The general manager shall attend the meeting of the board of directors.

The general manager, the vice general manager and the person(s) in charge of finance shall be members of the management team of the company. The term of office of the management team shall be 3 years and the management team may hold a consecutive term upon approval of the board of directors.