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CITIC Guoan Wine owns famous Chinese wine brands of Niya, Xiyu and Xintian


The quality of wine relies more on grape than on brewing. The natural climate is the soul of the wine. CITIC Guoan Wine has two ecologic and organic and small vineyards in the north slope of Tianshan Mountain and Yili River Valley, and each land and each wine have its respective characteristic and style. The localized cultivation and proper management have become an art of vineyard. With almost demanding standards, the company tries to distinguish the finest differences to find the suitable soil for different grapes, including the trace elements in the soil. The sole aim is that the best winemaker – the nature – can fully exerts its skills to brew truly good wine.


The truly good wine is not simply a gift from the Gods. The paradise ecological environment is just the very first step. Only by firm belief of good wine and skillful control can the winemakers brew the best grape into finest wine. CITIC Guoan Wine owns excellent international winemaker team led by wine experts from France and Australia, and its chief winemaker Fred Nauleau was born in a French wine family. The whole team fully presents the characteristics of the favorable endowed land of the north slope of Tianshan Mountain and tries to integrate the best skills, strict control and unique climate into every drop of its wines.

Manufacturer: CITIC Guoan Wine Co., Ltd.

Address: No. 39 Hongshan Road, Urumqi, Xinjiang 830002 China