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The information related industries of CITIC Group include the investment and operation of cabled TV, value-added telecommunications, satellite communications, system integration as well as other services. The enterprises within in CITIC Group engaged in information and network business are CITIC Guoan Information Industry Co., Ltd., CITIC Guoan Co., Ltd., Beijing Guoan Electric Co., Ltd. and CITIC Information Technology Investment Co., Ltd.

CITIC Guoan Information Industry Co., Ltd.?

CITIC Guoan Information Industry Co., Ltd. is established by CITIC Guoan Corporation solely with later restructuring and adoption of social fund raises. On September 22, 1997, the company issued RMB 50 million shares of common stock to the public at Shenzhen Stock Exchange in the way of online pricing; on October 31, the company was officially listed at Shenzhen Stock Exchange with the shares referred to as CITIC Guoan and stock code as 000839. Later the company has become the sample stock in the Dow Jones China 88 Index, Shenzhen Component Index, Shenzhen-Shanghai 300 Index, SZSE 100 Index, and CNINDEX 100. Since its listing, the company continues to optimize the asset structure and establishes the industrial layout with cabled TV network as the core business on the basis of its advantages in resources and technology.

Guoan Cabled TV Network run by the CITIC Guoan Information Industry Co., Ltd. involves 17 cabled TV investment projects, spanning over 7 provinces and 13 cities, with a network coverage of almost 200 million people, and a total sum of investment of over RMB 2.8 billion. The high numbers of cabled and digital TV users allow the CITIC Guoan Information Industry Co., Ltd. to rank amongst industry leaders that are also listed companies. The company fully took advantage of the opportunity along with the three networks convergence, continues to increase the investment in cabled TV based on the actual situation in different regions and carries out the additional and value-added services based on cabled TV system such as interactive TV, internet access and high-definition pay TV etc. The company actively guides the users to “use the TV” to further improve the overall profitability of the wired network and maintain its leading position in the industry.


To adapt to the changing market trend and the development of the cabled TV industry, the company combines Hubei Radio and Television, Changsha Cable, Yueyang Cable, and Weihai Cable to jointly establish CITIC Guoan Radio and Television Network Co., Ltd. The establishment of this company will realize the interconnection of these cabled TV network. Through the integration of network and users resources and introduction of internet products and the related business model, the company provides to the cabled TV users individual and professional services on television and film products, multi-scrren interactive, TV mall, APP development, TV finance, and video games with aim to increase the overall economic benefits of the cabled TV projects and enhance the competitiveness in the industry.

In addition, the company is also engaged in lithium ion battery cathode material, real estate development, value-added telecommunications and other business in information industry.


In recent years, the company has been awarded by the social media and the related authorities as China’s Most Innovative Enterprise, China Outstanding Corporate Citizen, Global Chinese High-Tech 500, Global Chinese Most Potential Listed Companies.

In order to improve the core values and ensure the long-term and stable development, the company will actively adjust the business structures, integrate the advantageous resources with focus on development of information industry and improvement of innovation capability and market competitiveness based on changing business environment, guided by the national industry police and market orientation, and as per the principle of developing specialties while highlighting the main industry. Meanwhile, based on the needs of business development, the company carries out capital operation, enhances the asset integration, improves the asset quality, and greatly promotes the development of innovative services, so that the company gradually becomes a platform for capital operation, users and resources integration as well as mergers and acquisitions. Along with the business transformation, the company will lead the listed companies in the industry and create more value for the shareholders based on its core competitiveness in innovation and capital drive, outstanding management and technology, highly efficient operation and professional talents.

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CITIC Guoan Co., Ltd.

Established in November 2000, CITIC Guoan Co., Ltd. is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of CITIC Guoan Group Co., Ltd. with the registered capital of RMB 1.447 billion. The business scope of the company include the research and development of computer software and hardware, investment service consulting, property management (limited to subsidiaries) and rental service of offices (limited to subsidiaries).

Led by the board of directors, CITIC Guoan Group combines the current business with the overall development strategy and integrate the advantageous resources and greatly promotes the new business based on the national industry policy and market orientation, and strive to realize breakthroughs in internet, internet of things, high-tech industry, high-tech agriculture and environmental protection industry.?

Now the company carries out business mainly through its subsidiaries. Meanwhile, CITIC Guoan Co., Ltd. is in active cooperation with the overall strategy of CITIC Guoan Group to provide platform for financing, merges and acquisitions, and corporate restructuring.?

In the future, CITIC Guoan Co., Ltd. will focus on the development of Internet, internet of things, high-tech industry, high-tech agriculture, and environment protection to fully exert the brand advantage of CITIC Guoan and make contribution to the overall strategic development of CITIC Guoan Group Co., Ltd.

Beijing Guoan Electric Co., Ltd.

Established in June 1998, Beijing Guoan Electric Co., Ltd. (referred to as Guoan Electric) is formerly known as Beijing Guoan Electric Corporation with the registered capital of RMB 50.15 million. In December 2011, the company was renamed as Beijing Guoan Electric Co., Ltd. along with the name change of CITIC Guoan Group Co., Ltd.



As one of the general contractors that started earlier to engage in mechanical and electrical installation, intelligent building and system integration project in China, Guoan Electric is the member of Intelligent Building Branch of China Construction Association. It completed the construction of several national key projects including National Stadium and other major civil projects in financial and health facilities, public transportation, safety urban construction and convention center. With rapid development, the company soon took the lead in the industry and was awarded as Top 50 Corporates in the Industry. With its strong technical and overall strength, the company won a dozen of qualifications including General Contractor of Mechanical and Electrical Installation Engineering Level 1, and Design of Intelligent System Integration for Construction Engineering Class A etc. With mechanical and electrical installation, intelligent construction and system integration as the main business, the company provides advanced, reliable, energy-saving and cost-effective integrated solutions in mechanical and electric installation, intelligent construction and system integration.

CITIC Information Technology Investment Co., Ltd.

As one of the subsidiaries of CITIC Guoan Group Co., Ltd., CITIC Information Technology Investment Co., Ltd. (referred to as CITIC Technology) was established on February 2, 2000 with the registered capital of RMB 50 million. The company’s main business is investment and consulting in the information industry, and its main responsibility is, as per the layout of CITIC Guoan Group in communications, digital TV, mobile Internet, Internet of things and through study of the upstream and downstream of the related industrial china, to provide strategic service to support the development of CITIC Guoan in information industry thorough investment in other companies with wholly-owned, partially-owned or controlling shares to participate in the key sectors of the industry chain.

The company has three main businesses:

1. Equity investment

In the past ten years, adhering to prudent investment philosophy, CITIC Technology has invested in about two dozens of projects, for most of which the company has successful quit to achieve the preservation and appreciation of state assets through IPO, transfer agreement, repurchase of company founders and liquidation.

2. Auxiliary investment

The idle fund other than those in equity investment is mainly used for monetary operations and fixed income investment.

3. Consulting service

The company obtains the corresponding benefits thorough technical service and financial consulting service.

Generally speaking, adhering to the philosophy of investment in familiar and controllable areas and resources in the information industry, CITIC Technology pursuits of stable performance and has obtained proud investment returns.