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CITIC Guoan Wine Co., Ltd.

Affiliated to CITIC Guoan Group Co., Ltd., CITIC Guoan Wine Co., Ltd. is a large listed wine company with integrated business of grape cultivation, production, trade and scientific research and it owns many famous Chinese wine brands including Niya, Xiyu and Xintian.


Adhere to the corporate philosophy of advocating origin-focused ecological consumption and leading quality life, the company has become the advocator and practitioner of small and ecological vineyard. Relying on its favorably endowed and ecological soil in the north slope of Tianshan belt and Yili River Valley belt, the company has built four finest ecological vineyards of Tianchi, Mahe, Changji Tunhe and Yilihe, wherein the first three are located in the Bogda Man and the Biosphere Reserves recognized by UNESO in 1990.

The natural and ecological advantages of the vineyards can ensure the finest quality of the raw material of the wine. And the company has invested in the scientific management of the vineyard and carried out through research in the cultivation, shaping, and limited production of different grape types together with the experts and colleges. Based on the local climate and soil, it tries to present the unique characteristics of each vineyard. The company has established wineries in Manas, Fukang, Xiyu (Shihezi), Horgos (Yili) in Xinjiang and Penglai in Shandong, and introduced advanced winemaking equipment from France and Italy. Equipped by the international winemakers composed of French and Australian wine experts, the company is dedicated to inheriting the traditional Chinese brewing process and integrating the advantaged international technology to offer finest wines originated from quality vineyards.



In recent years, the company has been improving its cultivation, governance and management. Relying on its excellent quality, the company has won 44 gold and 34 silver medals in the domestic and international wine competitions and become a new star of Chinese wine brand in the international platform. CITIC Guoan Wine has always been committed to promoting the Chinese wine industry and leading the consumption of ecological wine. It will apply excellent process and ingenuity in craftsmanship to present finest wine to every consumer.