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Finance is at the heart of modern economy. The Guoan Group actively seeks to develop business in this field. With development in financial support, the company’s other businesses will have greater support in terms of funding. And, in turn, with the support of the other businesses in our company, the financial segment of our company will have greater backing, leading to greater integration of our company into the capital market.

Currently, the company’s financial investment sector established the CITIC Guoan Capital Management Co., Ltd., the CITIC Guoan (Beijing) Fund Management Company, the CITIC Guoan (Tibet) Innovation Fund Management Co., Ltd., and also bought shares of the Central Africa Trust Bank Investment Management Co., Ltd.. In the future, the company is going to establish lending firms, insurance firms, and brokerages, in order to develop work in the fields of equity and debt investment and fund management.

CITIC Guoan Capital Management Co., Ltd.

Established in the beginning of 2014 with a registered capital of RMB 1 billion, CITIC Guoan Capital Management Co., Ltd. (“CITIC Capital”) is a full subsidiary of the CITIC Guoan Group Co., Ltd.. The main businesses include capital management, investment management, funding for projects, non-security investment management, consultancy and company share investment and management.

Guoan Capital aims to invest in businesses and projects with good growth potential and sustainability, in order to create value for both the investors and the invested businesses and projects. The areas of investment include renewable energy, agriculture, consumer goods, new high technology, and property development. At the same time, the company proactively engages in capital market investment, establishing funds specializing in major transactions, as well as strategic cooperation relationships with multiple listed companies. The company has a professional investment team, with teammates originating from famous national investment companies, law firms, as well as the Big Four accounting firms.

Guoan Capital upholds the principle of “Safety First”, paying special attention to capital flow and efficacy, and the strategic plan of developing investment fund, establishing scientific models, cultivating management teams, and establishing company brand. Through share investment, value-adding services, capital management and risk management, the company actively searches for innovation in fund-raising, and promotes company capital size and volume of managed funding. With a premise of hedging against market risks, Guoan Capital seeks to maximize efficacy, and strives to become a top-rated integrated capital investment and management firm.

CITIC Guoan (Beijing) Fund Management Co., Ltd.

The CITIC Guoan (Beijing) Fund Management Co., Ltd. (“Guoan Fund”) was established in August 2014, as the first specialized fund management company established by the CITIC Guoan Group, with a share capital of RMB 500 million. In January 2015, the Guoan Fund registered with the Asset Management Association of China. The company headquarters were situated in Beijing, with a branch company in Shenzhen. The business area covers Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen. The company aims to pool together quality funds from China and abroad, provide value-adding services to client firms, and create win-win situations for investors and invested companies.

As a major player in the financial sector of the CITIC Guoan Group, the Guoan Fund aims to create a fund management platform for our company, in order to raise the competitive of our Group overall. The Guoan Fund has an efficacious, professional team, with hands-on experience in the fields of property development, new high technology, agriculture and logistics, mining, as well as media. The company seeks in earnest to provide for foreign investors services in share investment, mergers and acquisitions, property and finance, as well as financial consultancy.

In the future, Guoan Fund will make its investments in line with national policies, supporting real economy in urban development, mergers and acquisitions, asset securitization, and variety in share market investments.


China-Africa Xinyin Investment Management Co., Ltd.

China-Africa Xinyin Investment Management Co., Ltd. (referred to as “China-Africa Xinyin”) was established on 28th June, 2011 in Beijing. It is collectively funded by the Guoan Group and the Central Africa Development Fund, with a registered capital of RMB 200 million, and a total fund being managed of RMB 10 billion.

Owning to the advantage of the shareholders and the professional skills in investment, China-Africa Xinyin has grown into one of the professional private equity funds in China. Currently it manages many funds including Ruiyuan, Ruixi, and Ruiyi with projects throughout Asia, Africa and South America. The investment projects cover many fields of non-ferrous resources, tourism, real estate in first-tier cities, and consumer goods, and the type of investment includes equity, debt investment and mezzanine investment. These funds have generated good economic returns for their investors.