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Aiwan and Zhongda Real Estate Join Hands The Medical - Nursing Health Brand “Longevital” was officially Launched

Release time: 2016-09-07

??? ?August 8, 2016, the Elder-Care Strategy Signing Ceremony of CITIC Aiwan Investment Corporation Limited and Wuchan Zhongda Real Estate, as well we “Longevital” Hangzhou Project and Brand Launching Ceremony were held grandly in Zhongda Intime City, Hangzhou. Aiwan Investment Corporation Limited, a subsidiary of CITIC Guoan Group singed the Elder-Care Strategic Agreement with Zhongda Real Estate Group, a subsidiary of Wuchan Zhongda Group. They created the brand “Longevital” and marched into the elder care industry together. Luo Ning,? General Manager Assistant of CITIC Gruop, Vice Chairman of CITIC Guoan Group, Chairman of Aiwan Investment Co., Ltd., Wang Tingge, Chairman of Wuchan Zhongda Group, the representatives of cooperators and several mainstream media attended the press conference.

???? “Longevital” is a medical-nursing health service brand, co-founded by the two companies. The combination of medical and nursing is its service characteristic and advantage and it mainly owns Longevital Elderly Apartment, Longevital Nursing Home and International Health Management Center three series of products. On this basis, it designs a three-in-one service operation mode integrated scientific and comprehensive elderly care services, health management and rehabilitation care for seeking the full protection the physical and mental health of the aged people. Longevital belive in the idea that to accompany and love with heart which became the foundation of its enterprise culture and service concept. According to it, this new brand first introduced the “ Seven Hearts” service concept, including “ benevolence, love, sincerity, patience, carefulness, consideration and attention”. Besides, it made strict formulation on six service systems ——Family Housekeeper Services, Health Management Services, Health Dining Services, Entertainment and Social Services, Customization Services, concentrating on providing a full range of high-quality medical-nursing health services to the aged. The following enterprises and medical and scientific units: Taiwan Huazheng Group,? Vamed Healthcare, GBBN, National Taipei University of Nursing and Health Science, Zhejiang University International Hospital (Shulan Hospital), ranking 3-A-grade, as the strategic partners, will continue to provide support for Longevital.

???? Longevital Hangzhou International Medical and Nursing Center, the cooperation project of Aiwan Investment Corporation Limited and Wuchan Zhongda Real Estate, is the first operation flagship project for the branding and the pilot project aiming to cover the whole country. The center is located at Intime City in the north of Hangzhou, with the construction area of about 20 thousand square meters, in possession of superior geographical location, complete supporting facilities in medical treatment, high-standard functional supportive facilities and a warm family atmosphere, which can meet the constant care need of the aged in various physical condition: self-care, semi self-care, disability and dementia. The center is the first high quality medical-nursing service institution for the aged with the international standard in Hangzhou.

As Longevital’s first implement project, Hangzhou International Medical and Nursing Center carries the mission of exploring the profit model, accumulating service experience and cultivating seed group, laying a solid foundation for the brand’s sustainable development.

???? The project is expected to put into operation in early 2017.

???? Aiwan Investment Corporation Limited and Wuchan Zhongda Real Estate’s cooperation of creating Longevital and marching into elderly care services industry are important measures which show the two great enterprises are following the trend of elderly-care market and take social responsibility actively. It is expected that with the strong support of this two shareholders, Longevital can take full advantage of their resources, innovate a new social elderly-care mode, seize the unexploited part of senior market, boost the full implementation of social elderly care eco-system and create a new brilliant.




Aiwan Investment Co.,Ltd., is a subsidiary of CITIC Guoan Group Co., Ltd. As a platform for CITIC Guoan’s full marching into the elderly care industry, Aiwan, with the help of parent company’s platform support and resource superiority, started the whole chain operation on the elderly care industry, including home care, community care and professional elderly care institutions’ investment, construction and operation, as well as the financial innovation on the elderly care, etc., which according with the national layout and is in full scale of implement. The company is committed to become the leader of the domestic elderly care enterprise.

??? Zhongda Real Estate Group, a China real estate comprehensive development hundred enterprises, is an important company member of Wuchan Zhongda Group Co., Ltd. which is a listed company and a Fortune 500 company, In 2014, according to the Wuchan Group’s overall listing and transformation strategies’ requirements—— entering and developing elderly care industry and speeding up the health industry layout. Zhongda Real Estate actively seeking industrial transformation, which become the key platform for strategy implementation